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Here's a more or less up-to-date list of the movies that I own.

For every movie there's an automatically generated link to IMDB. Because of the way the links are created many of them don't lead directly to the correct place, but the right movie should be relatively easy to find.

The list was last updated on October 29 2012, 17:18:54.

Movies Discs
DVD007: Casino Royale2
DVD007: Goldeneye 1
BR007: Quantum of Solace 1
DVD007: The World Is Not Enough1
BR10, 000 BC 1
DVD2001: A Space Odyssey1
BR2010: The Year We Make Contact 1
DVD2012 1
DVDA.I. Artificial Intelligence2
DVDAbyss Special Edition 2
DVDAlien Quadrilogy9
DVDAmadeus - Director's Cut2
DVDAmerican Beauty1
DVDAmerican Psycho1
DVDApollo 131
DVDAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 1
DVDAustin Powers: Goldmember 1
BRAvengers 1
DVDBack To The Future Trilogy3
DVDBatman The Movie1
DVDBatman Returns2
DVDBatman Begins2
DVDBattle Of Britain2
DVDBlade 1
DVDBlade Runner The Final Cut 2
DVDBourne Identity, The1
DVDBourne Supremacy, The1
DVDBourne Ultimatum, The1
DVDBram Stoker's Dracula1
DVDBridget Jones's Diary 1
DVDBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 1
DVDBullitt 1
DVDCast Away2
DVDCharlie And The Chocolate Factory2
DVDChocolat 1
BRClose Encounters of the Third Kind 2
DVDCommando 1
DVDCommando - Director's Edition2
DVDConan The Barbarian 2
DVDConspiracy Theory 1
BRDark Knight, The1
DVDDas Boot2
DVDDay The Earth Stood Still, The 1
DVDDeath Proof1
DVDDogma 1
DVDDragon Heart 1
DVDEnd Of Days1
BRExpendables, The 1
DVDFantastic Four2
BRFast & Furious 4 Film Set 4
DVDFifth Element, The1
DVDFinal Fantasy: The Spirits Within2
DVDFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children2
DVDFinding Neverland1
DVDFirst Knight 1
DVDFlags Of Our Fathers2
DVDFrom Hell 2
DVDGalaxy Quest1
DVDGhostbusters 1 & 2 2
DVDGodfather Collection, The 5
DVDGrand Prix - Special Edition 2
DVDHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The 1
DVDHunt For Red October, The1
BRInception 2
DVDIndiana Jones Trilogy, The4
DVDInglourious Bastards 1
DVDI, Robot 2
DVDIronman 2
DVDIron Eagle1
DVDIsland, The1
DVDJudge Dredd1
DVDJurassic Park III1
DVDKingdom of Heaven Director's Cut 4
DVDKing Arthur Extended Director's Cut 1
DVDKing Kong 1
DVDKung Fu Hustle1
DVDLetters From Iwo Jima2
DVDLord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - Extended Edition4
DVDLord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition4
DVDLord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King - Extended Edition4
DVDLove Actually 1
DVDMatrix, The1
DVDMatrix Reloaded, The 2
DVDMatrix Revolutions, The 2
DVDMen In Black Limited Edition2
DVDMen In Black 2 2
DVDMindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos 1
DVDMindCandy Volume 2: Amiga Demos 2
DVDMinority Report 2
DVDMissing in Action 1-3 3
DVDMission To Mars 1
BRMortal Kombat 1
DVDMummy, The1
DVDNight At The Museum1
BRNight At The Museum 2 2
DVDNäkymätön Elina 1
DVDOcean's Thirteen1
DVDOffice Space 1
DVDPan's Labyrinth 2
DVDPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2
DVDPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2
DVDPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2
DVDPlanet Terror1
DVDPoika ja ilves 1
DVDPredator - Special Edition2
DVDRambo II1
DVDRansom 1
DVDRight Stuff, The1
DVDRocky Balboa1
DVDRomeo Must Die1
DVDShawshank Redemption, The 1
DVDSleepy Hollow 1
DVDStarship Troopers1
BRStar Trek2
DVDStar Trek The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition2
DVDStar Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan 1
DVDStar Trek III: The Search For Spock 1
DVDStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home2
DVDStar Trek V: The Final Frontier 1
DVDStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1
DVDStar Trek VII: Generations 1
DVDStar Trek: First Contact2
DVDStar Trek: Insurrection 1
DVDStar Trek: Nemesis2
DVDStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace2
DVDStar Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones2
DVDStar Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith2
BRStar Wars: The Complete Saga 9
DVDStar Wars Trilogy4
DVDStar Wreck: In The Pirkinning1
DVDStar Wreck: In The Pirkinning - Imperial Edition2
DVDSuperman 1
DVDSuperman Returns 2
BRSweeney Todd 1
DVDSwordfish 1
DVDTeam America: World Police1
DVDTerminator, The2
DVDTerminator 2: Judgment Day - Ultimate Edition3
DVDTerminator 3: Rise Of The Machines2
DVDThin Red Line, The 1
DVDThree Musketeers, The 1
DVDThunderbirds 1
DVDTitanic - Special Edition2
DVDTomb Raider1
DVDTop Gun - Special Edition2
DVDTora! Tora! Tora!1
BRTransformers: The Revenge of the Fallen 2
DVDTron - 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition2
BRTron - Legacy 2
DVDUnited 931
DVDV for Vendetta1
DVDVanishing Point1
DVDVertical Limit1
DVDWargames 1
DVDWargames: The Dead Code 1
BRWatchmen 2
DVDX-Men 21
DVDX-Men: The Last Stand 2
DVDYoung Einstein1
DVDÄideistä parhain 1
Total number of discs283

Animated Movies Discs
DVDAnimatrix 1
DVDBalto 3
DVDBambi 2
DVDDumbo 1
DVDFuturama: Bender's Big Score 1
DVDHappy Tree Friends: Overkill 4
DVDHenkien kätkemä 2
DVDIce Age 1
DVDKarhuveljeni Koda 1
DVDKikin lähettipalvelu 1
DVDKissojen valtakunta 1
DVDLaputa - linna taivaalla 2
DVDLiikkuva linna 1
BRLumikki ja seitsemän kääpiötä 3
DVDMonsterit Oy 1
DVDNaapurini Totoro 1
DVDNemoa etsimässä 2
DVDOver the Hedge 1
DVDPonyo rantakalliolla 2
DVDPorco Rosso 1
DVDPrinsessa Mononoke 2
DVDRobin Hood 1
DVDShrek 1
DVDShrek 2 1
DVDShrek kolmas 1
DVDTuulen laakson Nausicaä 2
DVDVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 1
BRWall-E 2
Total number of discs43

TV Shows Discs
DVDBabylon 5 Box Set 36
DVDBand Of Brothers6
DVDBattlestar Galactica Box Set 7
DVDBest Of Ritari Ässä, The 2
DVDComplete Fawlty Towers, The 2
DVDDoctor Who: Series 1-4 Box Set 23
BRDoctor Who: The Complete Specials 5
DVDJulmahuvi 4
DVDKnight Rider Volume 2 1
DVDKnight Rider: Complete Season 1 Box Set 6
DVDKnight Rider: Complete Season 2 Box Set 6
DVDKnight Rider: Complete Season 3 Box Set 6
DVDKnight Rider: Complete Season 4 Box Set 6
DVDOlipa Kerran Avaruus6
DVDOlipa Kerran Elämä6
BRPlanet Earth6
DVDStar Trek: The Next Generation - 20th Anniversary Boxset 49
BRStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level 1
Total number of discs178

Music Videos Discs
DVDAC/DC: Live At Donington1
DVDAC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip Live 1
DVDQueen: Live At Wembley Stadium 2
DVDU2: Elevation 2001 / U2 Live From Boston2
DVDU2: U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle1
DVDU2: Popmart - Live from Mexico City2
DVDU2: Rattle And Hum 1
DVDU2: The Best Of 1990-20002
DVDU2: The Joshua Tree1
DVDU2: Vertigo 2005 / U2 Live From Chicago 2
DVDU2: ZooTV - Live From Sydney 2
Total number of discs17

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