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Partial Color

I own a Sony A55 SLT camera which has a nifty feature called partial color. It lets the user choose a color (e.g. blue) that is retained in the picture but converts other colors to black and white. I think that the effect is quite nice as you can see from the screenshots below. The camera version of the effect only lets you select some preset colors, but the Partial Color app also lets the user select a color range that is retained.

I did most of the UI coding, graphics etc. for this app. For the image processing stuff I was able to recruit Peeta Kiikka to do the heavy lifting (i.e. image processing algorithms and their implementation), so credits go out to her for making the app actually do something useful.

In addition to loading an image inside the app, Partial color also integrates to WP7 Pictures Hub and Picture Viewer for easier access.

Newton's Gadget

Windows Phone 7.5 (or Mango) brought support for mixing XNA and Silverlight content in the same scene. I had also been wanting to try out the Windows Phone port of Box2D physics engine. Implementing an app that simulates everybody's favorite office accessory Newton's cradle seemed like a nice challenge.

Below you can see some images of the end result. Considering that I did also all the graphics myself I'm quite happy with the end result. Getting the physics to an acceptable level took quite a bit of tinkering with Box2D, but eventually I got everything working well enough.

Why Newton's Gadget? Somebody had already stolen the name Newton's Cradle. :)


This is the first application I created for Windows Phone 7. A simple note-taking application which can store notes locally. It was driven by two things:

The application was a good opportunity to learn how to do nice looking transitions between different views in the application, handle portrait/landscape changes and so on. In addition to being a good learning experience, the app itself is quite handy and I'm personally using it on a daily basis.

Version 1.2 for WP 7.5

WP 7.5 has support for applications to add secondary tiles to Start. Starting from version 1.2 EasyNote now supports pinning individual notes directly to Start for easy access.

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